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Spring Garden Farm

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  • Brookeville, MD 20833
  • 202-365-7453

    Welcome to Spring Garden Farm

    We are your premium mulch supplier in the Brookeville, Maryland area.

    Eco Friendly Mulch in Brookeville, MD

    Trust us to provide environmentally friendly products for your next outdoor project.

    When you buy from Spring Garden Farm, you are getting products that are derived from local tree and landscape companies that are processed right here in Brookeville, Maryland. Our products are different than the competition because we use the entire tree and not only the bark. We also don't use pallets, construction debris, or any materials that may include contaminants. This allows us to provide the highest-quality products that are safe for your property and everyone around it.

    What Our Customers Say

    "They have mulch of variety colors, top soil, mushroom soil, field dirt, Stone -57, CR6 & Stone Dust they deliver if need be."


    Money Mike

    "Awesome customer service and great pricing. Lots of options, this place is a local gem."


    Tommy Zwirecki

    "Great prices and helpful staff."


    Steve Gorogias

    "Excellent place to buy many varieties of colors, excellent customer service."


    Benigno Ochoa

    Are you looking for mulch delivery in the Brookville, MD area?

    Whether you want to visit our location or need mulch brought to you, the team at Spring Garden Farm is here for you. We provide mulch delivery service within the local area so that you can get our high-quality products in the most convenient way possible.

    Call us today to learn more about our products!

    Mulch Delivery in Brookeville, MD

    Mulch, Top Soil, Compost, Mushroom Soil, & More

    At Spring Garden Farm all of our mulch comes from whole trees and all of our products are ecologically friendly. Whether you need topsoil mulch, compost, mushroom soil, or fill dirt, you can rely on us for the best products every time. Visit us today or call us for more information!

    Discover why more people rely on Spring Garden Farm products!

    Mulch Supplier in Brookeville, MD

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